At Current, our journey started with a daring question that sparked a revolution in outdoor living: "Can we transform the backyard experience by going fully electric?" This idea was more than just a dream – it was a vision to entirely reimagine outdoor living. Driven by a small start-up team of innovative minds, we embraced this challenge.


This is how Current was born: with ingenuity and passion at our core.


We seek to deliver a future filled with effortless entertainment, culinary inspiration, and cutting-edge innovation, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. And where the backyard becomes a launchpad for possibilities, powered by the unexpectedly electric touch of Current.


Launching with an industry-first, full-size smart electric grill and griddle, we're just getting started.


Our mission is to reimagine the way people experience the outdoors by seamlessly blending best-in-class engineering and design. We create products that connect you to a lifestyle of electrifying your backyard, creating unforgettable moments with family, friends, and guests.


Welcome to Current, the place for you to share in the joy of the outdoors and the thrill of pioneering technology.